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Motor City Online Public Beta

Catégorie : Démos Ajouté le lundi 24/9/2001 à 22h45 par DKijmemok

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Motor City Online Homepage

Step 1: Instructions for downloading and installing Motor City Online.

1. Download the file to your hard drive.
2. Close down all other programs after you are finished downloading the zip file.
3. Create a folder named MCO on your C: drive.
4. Go to the folder where you downloaded file to and extract the contents to the MCO folder.
5. Run the setup utility from the MCO folder.
6. Follow the instructions provided by the various install screens.
7. Very Important: Choose "Full Install" from the selection of install types.
8. When prompted with "Would you like place a shortcut on the desktop?" select "Yes".
9. When prompted after setup is complete, select "Yes, I want to restart my computer now."

You now have Motor City Online installed.

Step 2: Create an account and obtain a registration code.


1. Email with the subject heading "registration code" using a valid return email address.
2. You will receive your registration code within 24 hours of mailing.
3. After you have received your code, double click the desktop MCO icon and click 'Create Account'. This launches the Web site.
4. Follow the instructions provided on the page and finish creating an membership. Remember your member information.
5. You will then be directed to a registration code entry page.
6. Enter the registration code provided in the return email from

Step 3: Enter and play Motor City Online

1. Double click the desktop icon again after step 2 is complete.
2. Enter the user name and password created in step 2.
3. The game auto patches updates after logging in.
4. The game may restart 1 or 2 times depending on when you downloaded the game.
5. Verifying file integrity and checking for updates may take 3 or more minutes.
6. Warning: Patch updates can be large, requiring long download times depending on connection speed -- check the update info screen for patch size.
7. When patching is completed, click "Continue" and start enjoying the world of Motor City Online.

Note: It may be a good idea that once the game is installed, to delete the contents of the extracted file as it will conserve hard drive space. It is also a good idea to save the file in case you need to re-install the game, another download doesn't become necessary.

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