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S2 SaTstrat 1.8

Catégorie : Utilitaires Ajouté le mardi 11/9/2001 à 17h47 par DKijmemok

OS :
Version :
Size :

Cet utilitaire très pratique permet l'élaboration de stratégies pour Counter-Strike :

S2 SaTstrat is a strategy planner for Counter-Strike allowing up to 32 users to connect to a host and draw lines, dots and icons on 2d overhead views of all popular counter-strike maps. Trying to explain how a match should be played and where everyone is supposed to be at every given time can be hard but now you can exchange your ideas in realtime, discuss and come up with the ultimate strategy for the war tonight.

It all started at a party with two unsober mates talking about another not so neat planner one of them had used with his fellow clan-members. One of the guys (from now on referred to as SaT) was telling the other (from now on referred to as Lgx) how disappointed they were when they tried the planner since it simply didn't have half of the functions they needed to effectively plan strategies. So the very next day Lgx started out with a basic layout before he had even checked the original planner (or gotten sober for that matter). A simple program that could draw lines on a fixed map, with a chatbox on the left and nothing else was the beginning of a very functional strategy planner. Soon we were getting loads of suggestions and ideas from all around the globe and today it may be the best and most proffessional planner around with different drawing modes to suite the individual user, save/load function, icons to mark spots or actions, IRC style chatbox and much more. Production supervised by SaT (l337 haXX0r, night svetser and all day, every day CS player).

Toutes les infos se trouvent sur le site officiel.

Vous devrez downloader les maps CS en 2D, qui se trouvent ici (977KB).

Vous aurez peut-être besoin de downloader également les VB 6.0 Runtime-Libraries (si le programme d'installation ne trouve pas MSVBVM60.DLL) :
Visual Basic 6.0 SP5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack (1045KB)

Et SaTstrat 1.8 ne fait que 167KB...

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